Welcome To Starbugs 2012
Thank you Starbucks! http://www.thisdishisvegetarian.com/2012/04/no-more-buggy-coloring-starbucks-to.html
I am all for labelling food products vegan and vegetarian-safe, or not. But most people are reacting to the simple fact that they use beetles to dye their food, when in fact, most of the foods they eat are the same... more then the vegans/vegetarians... who are reacting differently, because it's no longer a safe food for them.. Is my point clear? I apologise if it isn't.

It’s your point and is a good one. How other people react is up to them.

Of course there isn't anything wrong with using vegetable and fruit dyes, but considering beetles are a natural source for dye, I don't find it a big problem at all. We have such dyes all over our food industry, and those are the least of concern, in my eyes. We are also one of the few cultures that don't regularly consume insects, knowingly. If we are to complain about insect dye in strawberry frapps, why not complain about pop tarts too?

Everyone has the right to know what’s in his or her food. That includes frapps, pop tarts, or any other food you want to name whether or not it’s vegan or vegetarian. Then it’s up to each customer to make a decision on what he or she wants to support.

we have been using the dye from these bugs for CENTURIES.. moreso, actually. Chemicals are much more terrifying than dye that is extracted from beetles. I think this is causing too much of a fuss, when we should complain more about the chemicals everywhere in food....

We have been doing a lot of things for centuries, that doesn’t mean it should continue. What’s wrong with other vegetable and fruit based coloring instead? Please do complain about chemicals in food and we will support you.

We will believe it when we see it.